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This is a lunch box staple in our house- nothing fancy, quick and easy to make- tastes fantastic! I am told this freezes very well, ahem, we've never had the chance to freeze it yet!


I do it in the TMX know, so I'll give you both instructions.



250gms sweet biscuits ie; Marie, Arrowroot, Nice

1/2 cup coconut

1/3 cup cocoa powder

125gms butter

3/4 cup sugar

1 egg


250gms fave chocolate for the top

100gms butter

extra coconut to sprinkle


1. Crush biscuit, leaving some biggish ( 1cm) bits still- I use TMX on Speed 5 for about 7 seconds. Set crushed biscuits aside, and spoon through the 1/2 cup coconut.

2. Melt the butter and sugar, add cocoa, stir til combined, Remove from heat and add egg- mix well.  ( I place butter, cocoa, and sugar in the TMX and cook on 80o speed 2 for about 2 minutes. Then drop heat, add egg, and mix on speed 5 for about 3 seconds.)

3. Pour the butter mixture over biscuits- mix well, then pour into a greased slice tray. Press firmly into tray, as level as you can. Pop in the freezer to firm up a little.

4. Melt the chocolate and 100gms butter together over low heat, or I use the TMX - on 80o Speed 4 about 2 minute or until melted and glossy.



 Pour over your slice, spread out evenly, sprinkle with extra coconut. Pop in fridge til choc sets, then cut up and enjoy!




Lisa x




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