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  • Catherine Coad March 04, 2015

    A bright red skirt with white butterflys for me, and it even had pockets!!!

  • Thanks for your great comments everyone!
  • Catherine your book is in the mail!
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    I love sewing- give me a good length of spare time and I will lock myself away for hours. In particular I love sewing with patterns I've used before- so I don't have to trace new ones off! ( not lazy- busy!).  Sometimes I just have a little bit of time to myself and want to sew something NOW- and that's where patternless sewing is my fave.

    Often I grab a ready to wear fave item of the kids and just draft a new item straight off it ( is that illegal? Probably).

    I have a copy of one of my favourite sewing books to Give-away!

    "The Illustrated Hassle-Free Make Your Own Clothes Book "

    It's a ripper- a good old fashioned hippie style DIY book.

    From the blurb...

    Here is the straight-up dope on how to make your own clothing. With or without patterns, machines, or fancy materials--anyone can do it! Got some old clothes that you love and that fit well? Use them as patterns for new ones. Want something new and spectacular, something that fits right along where your head is moving? Cut up, remodel, add on, and let your old stuff evolve! Readers will embrace the step-by-step illustrations, clear and encouraging prose, and timeless collection of clothes--from skirts and pants to dresses, a waistcoat, and even a teeny-weeny bikini. "The Illustrated Hassle-Free Make Your Own Clothes Book" promises to be both an indispensable resource and a much-noticed collectible on every hipster's bookshelf.


    To be in the running to win a copy- simply leave me a comment - telling me the best thing you have ever sewn up using no pattern!

    I'll announce a winner on Wed 11th March

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    1. Catherine Coad June 09, 2015

      Thank you so much!!!! This just arrived today, I’m so excited!!!! Thank you CMF xxx

    2. Lisa Marie March 24, 2015

      I sewed my own formal dress having no experience on Pattternmaking at all! It was half red velvet and half black satin! Turned out to be a hit!

    3. Marie March 14, 2015

      I used to sew my hubby boxer shorts (with a pattern I kinda made up from his fav shopbought pair) with snazzy quilting fabric – it gave me an excuse to go shopping for fabric & oops, I always used to buy too much (!) so I had leftover scraps to play with!

    4. Debz March 10, 2015

      As a teenager I made a pair of bikinis – using knickers and a bra as a guide. I always remember my mum saying the bikini top looked like two dilly bags! At least I tried :)

    5. Charlotte S March 10, 2015

      For my 21st birthday I had an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party and I was the Queen of Hearts… complete with dress featuring playing card suit buttons and a big full skirt made out of 100s of heart playing cards! I hand-punched small holes in the tops of the cards and sewed them onto the tulle skirt with a needle and thread… It took weeks but it was worth it for the day!

      Thanks for the chance, this looks great!

    6. Diana March 10, 2015

      Gorgeous black fluffy teddy bear, complete with waistcoat. I impressed myself, everyone thought I’d bought him from one of those custom made teddy bear places. I was chuffed to say the least.

    7. Helen March 10, 2015

      I made linen slip covers for a 1930’s moquet lounge suite we were given. I washed the fabric first. Then made generously sized paper patterns for each panel, pinned the cutout pieces for an ‘easy fit’, adding the piping as I went. I had to make 60 meters of bias binding for the piping. At 21, with a new baby, a small income and more confidence than skill, it was the only way to get the look I wanted. We had that lounge for many years and my equally young husband was incredibly proud of my achievement. Forty years later he still occasionally mentions it!

    8. Nicole kent March 10, 2015

      It was the ONLY thing I’ve ever sewn in home economics class and it was a cushion. My mum was a great sewer and I want to do her legacy proud by making clothes for my own daughter like she did for me!!!!

    9. Amanda March 09, 2015

      found some stripey jersey fabric and tried my hand at sewing with a stretch fabric for the first time made a fantastic pair of harem pants drawn freehand on butchers paper around my 5yr old son lying on the floor! to my shock they worked and were a hit with my son.

    10. Tereasa Spencer March 04, 2015

      A fly dress….yep black satin and net….you have to imagine, I was 18, living in Bondi Sydney, socializing was everything..and it was the perfect stand out dress, just what you want at 18…still have my little Janome combi that I made it on….

    11. Catherine Coad March 04, 2015

      A bright red skirt with white butterflys for me, and it even had pockets!!!

    12. Lindsay Thorpe March 04, 2015

      A really funky halter neck top for me!

    13. Rachael March 04, 2015

      Hard to choose between the boys’ board shorts traced off a Target pair (I made a few off that newspaper pattern) and the last-minute bookweek Ron Weasley academic gown made at midnight out of horrible black fleece. That was a good looking costume and got so much wear that I wanted to burn it!
      I haven’t heard of that book, but it sounds really helpful.

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