Give-away HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY $50 pack!

01 June, 2015 39 comments Leave a comment

Congratulations " Katy M"

I’ve never sewn with knits so if I was lucky enough to win it would be the push I need to overcome my fear! x


Please get in touch with a postal address and let me know if you prefer a Girl or Boy pack.


Thanks everyone!

Lisa :)



Let's have  another Give Away!

I have a $50 Happy Happy Joy Joy pack to giveaway to a lucky reader.

What's a Happy Happy Joy Joy pack you say? I get lots of requests to make up assorted packs for folks, of coordinated fabrics and trims.  Each pack consists of Euro printed knits,and some coordinating  solid  fabrics. Good for those folks that hate matching fabrics themselves.

How can you be the owner of $50 pack? Simply leave me a comment as to why you deserve a little CMF Happy Happy Joy Joy in your life.

Closes Friday 5th June midnight- winner announced Monday 7th June.

Lisa :)

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  1. Marie June 05, 2015

    I think your packs are the bees knees – I mean, I’m so un-adept at making things that I buy things on the whim and if I fell in love with some fabric, I’d buy some then get it home, wonder what to do with it & what to put with it then it’d get tossed into the cupboard unmade. You are giving us the choice to get organised and make by taking all the thinking out of things and to just go with the making!

  2. Boz June 05, 2015

    Fabric always makes me happy – and quality fabrics from CMF just makes me deliriously HAPPY!!!

  3. Bianca June 04, 2015

    Would love to win a pack! I’m one of the ones that has trouble with coordinating colours, so to have that done for me would be wonderful!

  4. Taleah Blayney June 04, 2015

    Happy happy joy joy is how I’ll feel if I win some amazing fabric from you! After finally getting back to sewing since my sons 5month hospital stay,i need some new fabrics :-)

  5. Nancy C June 04, 2015

    Hi Lisa, I’m a new follower to your site. I’m a Mum with a pigeon pair that I love to sew for but get frustrated at times trying to find good knits to sew with. Most times I upcycle knits from my preloved clothes and sometimes get lucky w knits (that don’t warp right away) from Spotlight. I recently read a post about knits at Make It Perfect and she had Crafty Mamas Fabrics as a great place to buy quality knits. Maybe I’ll get lucky and win this giveaway as I’d love to try some out, thanks for the chance :-)

  6. Leela Joy June 03, 2015

    I would love to win a free Happy Happy Joy Joy pack! I’m a full time mum to two girls, 3 years and 1 years old. I’ve recently started to teach myself to sew during my very rare free time…been fun, relaxing and sometimes I’m actually successful in my project! Anyways been eyeing all the great fabrics on your website so a free pack would be amazing! Thank u for the offer.

  7. Hayley June 02, 2015

    I could do with some Happy Happy Joy Joy because I have just finished some study and can FINALLY sew the first thing for my little 9 week old baby!

  8. Carolyn June 02, 2015

    Having just started sewing with knits this year, who could say no to a little more knit fabric for my little stash :-)
    I struggle a bit matching colours, so a coordinated pack sounds very inviting!

  9. Shalini Wilkinson June 02, 2015

    Would so love to win this pack and the chance to sew with some beautiful fabrics now that I’ve exited the newborn haze. Just the thing to get my sewing mojo back.

  10. Sharee June 02, 2015

    Hi I totally deserve a happy happy joy joy pack because that exactly what sewing does for me, makes me super happy ? and also I’m in love with the fabrics here ❤️

  11. Victoria Rudd June 02, 2015

    it would be a fantastic way to begin the summer!!

  12. Katy M June 02, 2015

    I’ve never sewn with knits so if I was lucky enough to win it would be the push I need to overcome my fear! x

  13. fiona arthur June 02, 2015

    I need some cmf happy happy joy joy in my life. I’ve hit a rut. Can’t seem to find the spring in my step. Always feel like I’m on the outside looking in. I could do with some cheering up. Thanks

  14. Marnie Durbidge June 01, 2015

    It’s been an especially crappy week and I could use some joy!!

  15. Sunrae Baillie June 01, 2015

    I’d make something for the other half. As the only other things I’ve made for him was under padding for his armour!! And I’d love to see him wear something I’ve made for him on a more regular basis. Maybe a T or hoodie.

  16. Di Welch June 01, 2015

    I just love CMF fabric the quality & Lisas support & super service us amazing. You know Lisa I’m hopeless at colours & matching so winning this Happy Happy Day pack would be awesome!!!

  17. Alison June 01, 2015

    What a fab prize. I have had sick kids for the last 3 weeks and would love to win this to make something special for them to cheer them up, and the sewing makes me happy too :-)

  18. Mel Nowlan June 01, 2015

    I don’t deserve a happy pack more than anybody else as I know there are some people who are doing things tough. But I’m a kind, generous, average mum who would think herself very lucky if I won this pack. It would certainly put a smile on my face.

  19. Tanya June 01, 2015

    I have always wanted to try some of the better quality knit fabrics but I haven’t been game enough to pick a design as I love most of them. But a premade pack is just what I need. No choosing to do!

  20. Laurie McDonnell June 01, 2015

    i love your joy packs :) fingers crossed for me hehe

  21. Jo McKenzie June 01, 2015

    Would love a CMF Happy Happy Joy Joy as a beginner just starting out would help me build up my stash :-)

  22. Rename Moseling June 01, 2015

    I’d love to win a Happy Happy Joy Joy pack! Having 4 kids is great, but it’s not much fun when the bigger ones bring germs home from school and we all catch it one by one! Last night was the third night Miss 3 months was up coughing all night, winning this pack would certainly cheer me up :-)

  23. Sue Maguire June 01, 2015

    I deserve a little CMF Happy Happy Joy Joy in my life because it is frezzzzing over here in Christchurch NZ and it would really brighten my day. Thanking you :-)

  24. Sharon Ong June 01, 2015

    to enjoy a little more CMF love with my kids!

  25. Tarrin Peters June 01, 2015

    Everyone needs a little happy happy joy joy in their lives ?

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