Farbenmix Stylefix = Awesome product!

29 October, 2013 1 comments Leave a comment

Have you discovered Farbenmix Stylefix? It's like sticky tape- for your sewing! Basically, you use it to hold stuff together while you sew!



It is suitable for fixing:
- ribbon
- felt onto embroidery backing
- turning holes
- embroidery patches and small appliqués
- appliqué fabric when machine embroidering
- hems
- double hems
- underlying zippers
- difficult joints
- labels
- seam tape
- jacket zippers (place the tape on the edge to ensure it being fully covered by fabric)
- pockets (attach the tape onto the fold-in sewing allowance)

Since the adhesive layer is pressure sensitive simply press your fingers firmly onto the material to bond and sew: your results will be neat and straight and you will not be held up with time-consuming pinning or even unripping seams!


Here's what I've been using it for-


If you are like me and sew" in the round" - you are faced with the task of lining up that neckline on the open shoulder...you can't just jump on and sew it up on the overlocker as it always moves and you end up with misaligned edges.  (annoying).  So now I use Stylefix to hold it in place- perfect! And keeps pins away from your precious overlocker too!



Just apply the tape the open shoulder seam, run your finger over it , then pull off the top strip to expose the sticky tape.



Now it's as easy as lining up your neckband edges and sticky them together.  Then sew! Easy Peasy.



Also great for holding your tags in place while you sew!



And great to hold up your hem too! Simply pull off the top brown strip, turn up your hem and run your finger over it firmly to get it to hold! Then sew!



A roll of Stylefix has 5om of this fabulous stuff- I think you'll love it as much as me!

Wait til you use it to hold a zip in!!


Happy Sewing


Lisa x



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  1. Caroline October 29, 2013

    This looks great I could use it at the moment fiddling with a collar onto a shirt :)

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