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I adore sewing kids tees, but not just any old tee- it has to be injected with a little of the kids personality inside! 


How can you take your sewing from boring old humm-drumm to fabulous? With details and a great base pattern.


Some patterns I love and use to death....

Ottobre Design Creative Workshop #301


Farbenmix Quiara


Jocole Classic Knit Tee


And now for the details!

Farbenmix ribbons look fabulous sewn down the middle of a sleeve, loop about 4cm and sew in the side seam, or loop around the cuff or bottom hem, or even straight down the middle! Just be sure the placement of the ribbon will not hinder the stretch factor of your tee shirt.


pic courtesy of


Machine embroideries and applique patches are always fabulous. What about some elbow patches? Some fancy decorative stitches??


Co-ordination of your fabrics, trims and ribs is important for that Euro look- I'm always happy to help if you are stuck.


And some fabulous fabrics, of which we have many! I prefer cotton.lycra for my tees- they hold their shape well and are soft and comfortable. Mix and match! Have some fun!


You can either use your fabric as neckband and cuffs etc, or use one of our groovy ribbings...



And pretty soon you have something AMAZING your little person will adore!


pic from


Happy Sewing

Lisa x







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