Lay Buy

Terms and conditions 2016
 Minimum lay buy purchase is $100
A deposit of 25% of your purchase price is required to start your lay buy, after that you simply make payments that suit, directly off your Paypal invoice. Your payment can be made with Paypal or Credit Card via Paypal. You will then have 30 days within which to complete your laybuy.
Cancellation or termination of Lay Buy.
 Lay Buys may be cancelled by the customer at any time prior to receiving
 the goods. All payments made by the customer will be returned- minus our
 Lay-Buy termination fee- being 25 % of the total order price.

 We may terminate your Lay Buy if….

 If your payments are not made when they fall due, we may terminate your
Lay-Buy and refund your payments made minus our Lay Buy termination fee -
 being 25% of the total order price. ( this is for restocking and
 administration costs).

 If for any unforeseen reason, goods you have Lay-Buy'ed are no longer
available for supply.
To start your  Lay Buy:
Simply order as usual- but select Bank Deposit as payment method.
Leave a comment " Lay Buy" and we'll send you through your laybuy invoice.

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