Farbenmix Jadela Ladies Parka


Farbenmix Jadela Ladies Parka

Farbenmix Jadela Ladies Parka




From team Farbemix of Germany, JADELA ladies parka

JADELA is in German and being multisized, you will need to trace off your size and add seam allowance.

Multi-variable pattern, Sizes: XS (146/152), S (34/36), M (38/40), L (42/44), XL (46/48), XXL (50/52)
All sizes are shown on the pattern sheet.

The parka shell is cut comfortably fits so good times on warm clothes and is therefore a faithful companion in all seasons.

In the summer  unlined, in winter with a fleece lining, double-stitched for the transition, as fleece or wool coat, parka in the form or with back slit ... It can easily modify multiple variations.

He is from Gr. XS on the sheet and this is also a comfortable ofor big kids size.

  See many design examples and a detailed step-by-step guide here with  photo HERE .

The copyright is farbenmix.de / Sabine Pollehn. It is explicitly allowed to sell individual pieces sewn. Copying and passing on the cut and the mass production is NOT allowed!

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