Crafty Sewing Tips- lining up your stripes!

22 March, 2016 1 comments Leave a comment

It just occurred to me that this may help some of our newby sewists.....when you are cutting out items that you want the stripes to be placed exactly the same....

Like these sleeve pieces, or say the legs of pants., or front and back of a top- cut your first piece out....

Insert a couple of pins to keep your fabric aligned and stop it from moving around on you, then use the piece you just cut ( this one has seam allowance added) as your pattern piece, place it on top of your fabric..aligning the stripes so that you get a cool camo thing happening...

..can you see it in there? Now cut your second pattern piece out.....
And you get perfectly aligned stripes.
And I am heading back to my sewing! 

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  1. Sarah April 15, 2016

    Such a great tip! I do use my first cut for a pattern piece but now I can match seams! Wow. Just wow.

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