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Crafty Mamas “Thrifty Apron”
This apron is a design I have been sewing up for years, for gifts and also for myself. It uses 80cm of fabric, so it is quite thrifty , and sews up very quickly. You can make it as fancy as you like or the plain Jane version. For a bbq apron, use a thicker woven.
80cm x at least 110cm of woven fabric.
A French curve is handy, tape measure, chalk.
Optional trim: bias, ribbon, whatever takes your fancy.
  1. Lay your prewashed and ironed fabric out, fold in half with selvages together and folded edge facing you.
  2. Trim your fabric so that it’s length is 80cm.
  3. Measure from the folded edge back to the selvage, 35.5cm. Carefully cut and remove this extra width. Keep as this will be for your straps.
  4. You will now have a rectangle of fabric 80cm long, and 35.5cm wide ( folded in half).
  5. On the selvage edge, measure up from the right hand side, 55cm. Place a mark on your fabric here. (armhole edge)
  6. On the left hand short end, measure up 16cm from the fold, make a mark here. (neck).
  7. Using either a compass, a French curve or a plate! Mark in a curve from one mark to the other, thus creating your armhole. Cut along this curve, leaving a 1cm seam allowance.
You will now have your apron piece.
Construct straps using the Easy Strap Method (no turning tubes!)
From the piece you cut and retained in step 3, cut out
2 of 65cm x 5cm side straps
1 of 57cm x 5cm neck strap.
Using a hot iron and an ironing board, place strap pieces wrong side up. Fold each strap in half longwise, press, then open out. Now fold one of the ½’s( raw edge) in to the middle to meet the centre crease line, then the other. Press. Repeat with other two strips.
Then sew along the length of the unfolded edge to close the straps. Do for both side straps and the neck strap to close them.
At this stage, you can either apply bias binding to your raw edges, or overlock and turn in a 1cm hem, and then stitch hem. If you apply bias, you will need to attach the side and neck straps after the bias is stitched on.
Start with the curved armhole edges, clipping if necessary to get curve to sit nicely. Fold in, then hem.
Before hemming the side edges, pin in place a side strap at the top of each side, and then secure in hem.
Finish the top edge- attach each end of the neck strap in the ends of top edge, pin, then secure when you hem the top edge of apron.
Finally, hem the bottom of the apron.
Happy Sewing and Cooking in your new Thrifty Apron!
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