Lillestoff Jacquard Knits

16 June, 2017 0 comments Leave a comment

More of the gorgeous Lillestoff Jacquard knits arrived this week- and boy they are STUNNING. Lillestoff know a thing or two about making the most amazing organic Euro knits- and these Jacquards are no exception.

This is the first year we have stocked Lillestoff's organic Jacquard and it won't be the last! In case you are new to them, like me, here's a little FAQ.

QUICK START GUIDE to our Jacquard knits!

Classified as a double knit, these have approx 40% <-----> stretch with NO vertical stretch.These are WARM!! The inside feels pretty much like the outside- a double knit. The knitted design is only evident on the outside, inside is just both colours knitted together.

Jacquard knits are perfect for projects such as sweaters, cardigans, hoodies, skirts, scarves, loose fitting pants,beanies etc.

I would not advise making firm fitting garments from them ie leggins, as your bum and knees would bag ( never pretty).
Stick to loose fit garments such as above. Finish off your Jacquard projects as you would sweater knit, with a matching rib or hemmed with a cover stitch or twin needle.

These are 100% organic cotton so perfect for people like me that get itchy around woolly stoffe.





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