Quilted Sweater Knits - a Quick Start Guide

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Love our Euro Sweater knits? Well you should try our Euro QUILTED sweater knits!!!

Let's check them out!

Quilted Sweater Knits- What are They?

Below we have the Mint and Rose Pink Euro Quilted Sweater.

These have a weight of 240gsm2. These two are not as bulky as the Swafing quilted sweats, but they still have the layer of insulation in the middle. These are essentially two layers of jersey with a thin layer of insulation.They are completely reversible. It's really hard to get a picture of the Mint- it's a gorgeous pastel shade .

Below we have the Swafing Quilted Sweats- now these are bulkier, and thick than the ones above . Their weight is 300gsm2.

Image showing reverse side and layer of insulation.

From top  we have Mustard, Chartreuse, and Honeysuckle.

Also in stock is Charcoal.

These again, have that layer of insulation sandwiched in the middle of two layers of jersey. They are completely reversible.

Arriving next week are more of the Lillestoff printed and plain Quilted sweats..keep an eye out for these.

Quick Start Guide to Sewing Them Up

Always pre-wash your Quilted sweaters knits- the major composite of these is cotton and you get a little shrinkage.  Better to have that happen before you have sewn them up!

Keep in mind you will need to hem / bind the edges of your projects, if the edges are left raw they will fray.  Just as you would a sweater knit, use a ribbing from our extensive collection or even turn up and hem.

You do not need an overlocker to sew these- but like any knit fabric, it does make the job a bit quicker. If not, simply use a stretch knit on your sewing machine and and trim.

Unlike French Terry Lycra, these knits only have horizontal stretch, approx 30%. ( the same as good quality sweater knits).  Perfect projects for these are vests, hoodies, skirts, pants, jackets, scarfs, beanies, use off cuts as padding for elbow and knee patches.They make perfect knee rugs, table runners, and even tea towels- don't limit  these to clothing!

Some suggested patterns.

Our Ladies Hoodie Skirt - Crafty Mamas

XATER shirt- Farbenmix




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