Farbenmix " Sandro" pants 86/92-158/164cm Sale


Farbenmix " Sandro" pants 86/92-158/164cm

Farbenmix " Sandro" pants 86/92-158/164cm



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 From Farbenmix of Germay, the Sandro pants sewing pattern. Sizes 86/92-158-164cm

Farbenmix SANDRO pants are a great BASIC pattern. In the narrow waist, wide-leg trousers with comfortable 7/8tel in length and shirred knee area, it can be great to play and romp. SANDRO sits wonderfully casual and is therefore also suitable for vigorous athletic children.

The front pockets are kept somewhat narrower and longer and pass through the square shape of the pants a very powerful visual appearance. Combined with rubber boots or sneakers, but also easy barefoot pants always plays with.

A simple ripple results in the knee area created with  elastic .

SANDRO can easily extend to long pants and experienced seamstresses equip the pants with a zipper from collar or pockets to invent more.

The pant is perfect for skinny jeans, twill pants, firmer cotton, corduroy or soft velvet.

Farbenmix Sandro is on German, with a full step by step here. 


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