GRAB BAGs - Medium  Size - Assorted pieces


GRAB BAGs - Medium  Size - Assorted pieces

GRAB BAGs - Medium Size - Assorted pieces

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Limited numbers only, assorted  random High quality  knit GRAB BAGs. ONE BAG PER ORDER LIMIT.

Theme: Assorted pieces plus a sewing pattern mag ( Otto).

This  MEDIUM  sized  satchel  has assorted  pieces in it-  min 50cm and  all are full selvage to selvage cuts. Please note Medium 3kg denotes the SIZE of the satchel used- NET contents will  be less.

There are ALL high quality knits - your bag may or may not include modal, rayon, sweaterknit, rib etc . Bag includes an Otto sewing mag.

Our Grab Bags are full of fun and excellent value.

Bags are purchased UNSEEN. There are NO returns or refunds on Grab   bags, sales are final.


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